The Sundance swim season starts May 1st and ends at the Sundance meet on July 20th.

8 and Under Meet
The 8 and Under Championships Meet for 6's & Under, 7's, and 8's is on Saturday, June 29th.

New Mexico Games
The New Mexico State Games are open to all swimmers.

District Meets
Each district will hold its Sundance qualification meet on Thursday, July 18th at a representative pool as determined by the district coaches.  The pools in bold font will host the district meets this year.

District A

District B

District C

District D
on Monday July 14

Highpoint Sports and Wellness
Tennis Club of Albuquerque
Tanoan Country Club
Canyon Club
Club Rio Rancho Jewish Community Center
Socorro Swim Club
Del Norte
Belen Aquatic Club
at Isleta Pueblo
Los Lunas Swim Club
Riverpoint Sports and Wellness
Truth or Consequences /
Silver City
Midtown Sports and Wellness
Albuquerque Country Club

Sundance Meet
The Sundance Championship meet is on Saturday, July 20th at the West Mesa Aquatic Center.

The Sundance Championship Meet is at the West Mesa Pool.  Each team has a designated area to set up their shade and team parties, this Map of West Mesa Pool Team Camps will show you where your team sets camp.

Since the speaker system in the outdoor team camp area is not sufficient for everyone to hear, we will be using Twitter to announce the upcoming events.  Follow the Sundance Championships.

8 & Under Championships

District A Results
District B Results
District C Results
District D Results
Sundance Championships Finals
Sundance Championships Record Holders

New Mexico Games Finals
New Mexico Games Team Scores

Visit the vendors in the southwest parking lot.  Blake's Lotaburger, Chick-Fil-A, and Itsa Italian Ice.