The Sundance swim season starts May 1st and ends at the Sundance meet on July 21st.

8 and Under Meet
The 8 and Under Championships Meet for 6's & Under, 7's, and 8's is on Saturday, June 30th at Tanoan Country Club.

New Mexico Games
The New Mexico State Games are open to all swimmers.

District Meets
Each district will hold its Sundance qualification meet on Thursday, July 19th at a representative pool as determined by the district coaches.  The pools in bold font will host the district meets this year.

District A

District B

District C

District D
at Rainbow Pool

Highpoint Sports and Wellness

181 swimmers

132 swimmers

60 swimmers
Four Hills Country Club

83 swimmers
Del Norte Sports and Wellness

57 swimmers

120 swimmers
Jewish Community Center

169 swimmers
Tennis Club of Albuquerque

140 swimmers
Los Lunas

107 swimmers
River Point Sports and Wellness

71 swimmers

88 swimmers
Albuquerque Country Club

59 swimmers

Truth or Consequencs

51 swimmers

87 swimmers
Midtown Sports and Wellness

60 swimmers

Sundance Meet
The Sundance Championship meet is on Saturday, July 21st at the West Mesa Aquatic Center.