Sundance Aquatic Association is Albuquerque's Summertime Recreational Swim League

The Sundance Aquatic Association is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes to foster regional summer-seasonal amateur swimming competition for all children in New Mexico without regard to ability, race, color, creed, national origin, or sex. The Sundance Aquatic Association is a not for profit organization supported and led by parent volunteers who share equally in the leadership of the Association.

The member swim teams of the Sundance League provide a healthy and fun experience for swimmers starting as young as 5. The team members range up to 18 years old. The older swimmers are mentors to the younger swimmers and assist in their development as swimmers and athletes. And, the younger swimmers are fun to watch as they learn new skills and take pride in their accomplishments.

While the competition is fierce, it's friendly and enjoyed by all the swimmers and families. Dara Torres put it best: "In the pool we're competitors," she told reporters in Beijing. "Out of the pool we're friends."

The swim season starts in May and runs through mid July. Training is generally Monday through Friday each morning. Nearly every week there is swim meet allowing the swimmers to test their new skills with swimmers from other Sundance teams. Ribbons are awarded for each heat, so everyone receives an award for their efforts. In mid July, the regional event ranks swimmers from each of four districts which were determined by the previous year's Sundance standings. The top swimmers from each district are invited to 'Sundance', the finals. Medals are given to the top swimmers in the league and ribbons awarded to 16th place.

Swimmer Age and Eligibility

Age group is determined by age on May 1st. The swimmer must be under 19 as of May 1st to compete in Sundance.

This is a recreational swim league. Year round swimmers must end their year round participation at the conclusion of the Short Course local season.

League Meets

 8 & Unders     Meet exclusively for the 8 and unders.  The 6, 7, and 8 years old swimmers each compete with their own age.
    Qualification meet for Sundance.  Top three from each age group, event and district qualify as do the top four fastest from the remaining swimmers across all districts.
 Sundance     The 16 qualifiers from districts from each age group, gender and event compete.
Age Groups, Events and Distances

 8 & Under
 9 - 10
 11 - 12
 13 -14
 15 - 18
 Short Freestyle
 25  25 50
 50 50
 Individual Medley 4 x 25  4 x 25  4 x 25  4 x 25  4 x 25
Backstroke  25
 Long Freestyle
 50 50
 100 100
 25  25  50 100
 Butterfly  25  25  50 50