Coach Resources

Meet Protocol
The following is the starting protocol for Sundance Finals. It is suggested that you use this same protocol as closely as possible in your remaining swim meets and at the District Meets so that the swimmers will know what to expect at Finals.

1. The Announcer in the timing room will announce the event.

2. The Referee will blow one single, long whistle to alert the swimmers to be prepared to step up on the blocks.

3. The Starter will verbally ask the swimmers to step up on the blocks, then make one more courtesy announcement of the event. Example: “Swimmers please step up on the blocks. This is the Boys 8&Under 25 yard butterfly.”)

4. The Starter will verbally ask the swimmers to “take your mark”, and press the start button to begin the race.

5. The Announcer in the timing room will announce the names of the swimmer in each lane after the race has started.

6. Swimmers will be asked to “please exit the pool” at the end of each race.

Please note: There will be no clerk of course at this meet. Swimmers and coaches are responsible to ensure swimmers are at the blocks at the appropriate time for their event, prepared to swim. Swimmers and coaches will be allowed to enter the area behind the blocks in plenty of time to be ready for their event. Also, we ask that parents please not escort the swimmers behind the blocks, it can get quite congested and confusing for the swimmers and timers.

Other information:

Late shows to the blocks: Swimmers that do not show up to the blocks on time prepared to swim will be disqualified for delay of meet and will not be allowed to swim. The point at which a swimmer is considered late is when the starter asks the swimmers to step up on the blocks (Step 3 above). Keep in mind that swimmers that miss an event will not have another opportunity to swim that event, all events/heats will be full.

False Start: The goal is to have a fair race for all swimmers. Swimmers that leave their mark early, if judged that it is intentional, will be disqualified. However, if a swimmer leaves their mark early because of noise or other confusion in the starting area (or simply loses their balance), we will re-start the event to give all swimmers a fair opportunity to compete. If necessary, we may move the re-start to a later time to give swimmers an opportunity to rest. For relays, the first swimmer of a relay will be subject to the false start rules above. If swimmer 2, 3, or 4 leaves the blocks early (prior to the previous swimmer touching the wall), the relay team will be disqualified and there will be no re-starts.

NFHS (High School) rules will apply for back stroke turns (swimmers are allowed to turn on to the breast after passing under the back stroke flags, may take one single or one double simultaneous arm pull, and may kick or glide to make up distance to the wall).

Notification of disqualifications: Stroke & Turn judges will raise one hand over the head when observing an infraction. Infractions will be confirmed by the Referee. If confirmed, a written DQ slip will be filled out and a copy given to the Coach of the swimmer’s team. Stroke & Turn judges will not notify swimmers of an infraction.

District Meet Roles and Responsibilities
The following should assist you organizing a successful Sundance District Swim Meet:
  • Equipment Pick-Up: The following equipment/materials will be available and distributed for your use:
    • Starter Equipment
    • Computer – Time Entry
    • Printer and Cartidges – Results
    • Sound System (For meeting announcements and Optional Music)
    • Cash box and $100 starting bank cash
Additionally, Mark Ruddell, who will compile all Championship meet race information, will be attending the board meeting and will be available for questions. Mark will also be able to answer questions your computer operator might have about the meet.
  • Starter/Announcer: Identify experienced individual to start. It is also useful to provide over a sound system announcements of upcoming events, and this function can be different from the starter’s role
  • Computer Operator: Race time input for feed to Championship Meet format
  • Card Runners: 4 total (2 for each half of the meet)
  • Head Timers: 2 total (1 for each half of the meet)
  • Timers: 36 total (6 lanes, 3 per lane, 18 for each half of the meet)
  • Lane Monitors (gather swimmers and ensure proper lanes) – 4 total (2 for each half)
  • Hospitality volunteers to pass out water to all volunteers during meet
  • Identify team areas at the pool the morning of the meet and rope off if possible
  • Secure stop watches for all timers loaned by all teams involved. If you don’t have enough stop watches, please contact the board
  • T-Shirt Sales and Programs – Volunteers and Visible location